I Love Artichokes!

I can't believe the size of these artichokes, I had to get out the measuring tape!

6 inches wide! They had very meaty leaves, and a huge heart, the heart was not as flavorful; maybe because they were big - At least the leaves were worth it! I think I would have artichokes every week if I could! Graham puts up with them, he likes them, just not as much as me!

We steam them and dip them in mayo - I have never had fresh artichokes any other way.

I am curious - if your reading this, do you eat Artichokes? How do you make them?


Ever since we got this new table cloth Smuckers does this:

It's so cute, she kinda looks like a nun with her habbit (a funny colored one at that!)

The Man Cave

We cleaned out our office so we could get our gym equipment out of our living room; now we have an enormous amount of boxes & papers to go through!

It turned out really well and Graham got a "Man Cave" out of it; that's what I am calling it.

He is all set now - his X-box, his steering wheel controller that now conveniently clamps to the desk, a phone, a computer & a monitor that is also a TV. He's not spoiled; just loved!

I really love that all the gym equipment is all in one place and out of the way, we wont' need to move it all the time. Graham call's the equipment the clothes dryers! I do need to get back to my walking and running routine but I never use them for drying clothes.

There is even a corner for me, I am going to set it up as a sewing/craft corner. As you can see that is the start of all the crap that needs to be gone through, the rest is now in the spare bedroom - I am thinking a dumpster would work nicely!

Peter just wanted to say hi!

Wind Storm

I looked up from my desk at work to see a huge wind storm out the window! I guess a big storm is rolling through - not that it has gotten cooler; it's 109 degrees!

I took a little video to share:


Flash flood warnings have been issued - gotta love the Desert Summer Storms!

Crab Boil

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend with our friends! We made one of our favorite meals a Crab Boil. The Boil is really easy to make and eat.

Basically you cook everything in a huge pot adding ingredients by how long they take to cook. We layer ours with the following ingredients: Water, Crab Boil Seasoning, Old Bay Seasoning, Bay Leaves, Garlic, Potatoes, Chicken, Carrots, Corn on the Cob, Sausage, Lobster, Crab, Shrimp and Clams and/or Mussels.

Then dump it all out on a clean table, have some melted butter ready, gather round and DIG IN!

Is it done yet??
...In a minute, hold your horses!



March 18th was my last post!! that was so long ago - I am officially the worst blogger in history. I have no excuse, I just suck at keeping up.

The weather has officially changed to summer in these parts, today it says it will be 111 degrees - "they" are usually off, it will most likely be closer to 115. It's hot, I am not going to kid anyone and say it's not- but I don't mind it too much, I am in the air conditioning all day long. Poor Graham works outside all day, I don't know how he does it. Last weekend was just as hot, we took the boat out on the river and had a great time soaking up the sun and bathing in the icy water; it's so refreshing.

This weekend we have visitors for the 4th - Doug & Miriam and all the boys, we are hoping to make it up to Lake Mohave (if it's not too busy), but one way or another we will be hitting the water all weekend! We are planning on having one of our Crab boils, yummy! I will be sure to take some pictures of the feast!

Running Update

It's my final week!! Technically it's week 10 since I started this 9 week program, I got a little stuck on week 7; that whole week sucked - I could not run for 25 minutes straight. I was stuck at 20 minutes and had to stop for a minute, then I would get back on and run the last 5 minutes. It was such a mental block, so I decided to do week 7 again and I actually made it the "second time". I think the 5 minute jump from 20 minutes to 25 minutes was just too much for me - I was winded and my legs were dead at 20 minutes - it's crazy to think how hard it was, because now it's so much easier!

Moving up 3 more minutes in week 8 was so much easier, I think I would recommend a 10 week program and break up that 5 minute jump in week 7. Now I am on week 9 (my 10 - confused??) and I have been running for 30 minutes!! I really can't believe it. 30 Minutes for me is running 2 miles - 2 miles!! that is crazy running one mile was huge for me so 2 is amazing!

Next up I am going to get faster - I am not sure exactly how I am going to accomplish that, I am looking for some kind of program or schedule. But for sure I will continue running 3 times a week and walking 2 times a week.

It's all about Attitude

So much has been going on in my head lately. I am not sure how to approach this subject - so I am just going to do it.

My Mom was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer a couple months ago and ever since then it's been good news followed by bad news over and over again to now we are back to bad news and I am trying to keep a positive attitude. It's hard. She had a hysterectomy on January 19th and that was suppose to take care of her "small" tumor that the caught "early" - Turns out the cancer had spread throughout her uterus and was present in the majority of the Lymph Nodes they took for biopsy. Her doctor is still optimistic and has continued to down play the seriousness of her cancer (my opinion), they told her that she would have daily radiation treatment for a month followed by chemotherapy after that; all was no big deal just a precaution. Well after my parents met with the Radiologist it all turned out different, they were told that it was serious, the radiation treatment was going to be a internal radiation and very intensive - but all in all VERY SERIOUS. She started her radiation treatment last Friday and will only have 3 intensive treatments, then they will start the Chemotherapy. We still don't know how the Chemo is going to go because they have not met with the Chemo specialist yet.

To top this all off my Mother was diagnosed a couple years ago with early onset Alzheimer's and her memory is worse in times of stress. So right now she is having a really really hard time, so much new information that she needs to process but really can't - sometimes she doesn't even know what is really going on with her own body. I am so thankful that my Father is there to take care of her; it's really hard on him - I don't know how he does it. I never knew how hard it was to be around someone who has Alzheimer's, it's indescribable how difficult it can be and emotionally draining

I am trying to have a positive attitude and not think of the negatives - cause really that does not help.
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